Logo designs

client work Feb 2014 – Glam & glitter wanted a new logo for their company, they wanted it sparkly and glittery incorporating the things they glitter into the logo which is where the champagne bottle and glass come from.


University work

directions logos 5

directions logos 5

Competition logo design for childrens dentist

This was a logo I entered into a competition for a cake shop logo design

This is  another logo I entered into a logo design competition along with the rest below

I won a competition for a strip club logo design in 2012 which is the logo below, this is a new zealand strip club

These logos below where to design a logo for a new dance company in manchester.. these are the final designs the first one is the original the second design is for girls t-shirts and the third is for white t-shirts


4 thoughts on “Logo designs

  1. I like your logo for acorn inventories. I used to practice this in order to sharpen my skill.
    vocabulary as well as imagination. Like the word ‘slant’ with l visually giving the meaning.
    Best of luck,

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