9 thoughts on “please comment on which one works better

  1. I think the left bottom-most is a better one. I also like the way question mark is been placed in the right bottom, where the question mark partly hangs above the letter e.
    I’m fine with the logo visually, but i’m not sure how it fits the concept, it doesn’t seems for me to convey the message relating to abuse in it.

      • Hi,
        I saw a poster that was published previously on your blog. I think i grabbed the theme.
        If the theme focuses on “love without conditions”, i think the current image fits a bit.
        If the theme focuses on “voice for abuse”, i think the image might not fit.
        I like the image personally.
        If you are sure to stick with it, i think you might need to place “domestic abuse” along with it, as you said.
        To go more detailed, i would prefer placing “domestic abuse” term along with the image ( by side ) and place “is this love?” beneath as like a tag line.
        I’m saying this with a logo’s perspective.
        Since you are using it with posters, it could differ with what it is going to be used.
        To your knowledge, i’m a beginner in logo design. So decide accordingly.
        Hope it helps. 🙂

      • Thank you very much, any feedback is always useful as I sometimes forget the audience doesn’t know what I’m talking about but its in my head 🙂 I’ve updated my logo and add a line about domestic abuse

      • ohh, and the image theme is “terms & conditions” my copy will be something along the lines of – does he only love you on his terms or his conditions?

        each poster will be different so some will say i love you to the moon and back “terms and conditions apply”

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