Title: The impa…

Title: The impact of digital technologies on graphic design practice.



Within my essay I will be looking at the the different ways that digital technologies have an impact on graphic design practice. I will be looking at a brief history about the concept of a

design method, how graphic designers work now compared to how they used to work before technology was available to them, designs created without computers, how the computer changed the industry, finding out wether computers really do speed things up? The people who played an important role in setting the principles of modern day graphic design, different peoples views on the change with technology & how new media and the internet has impacted graphic design. 



  1. How graphic designers used to work compared to how they work now
  2. A brief section on the concept of a design method
  3. How the computer changed the industry

    – Do computers really speed things up?

  1. The people who played an important part in setting the principles of modern day graphic design.
  2. Opinions of other people
  3. look at designs created without computers
  4. How internet & new media has impacted graphic design
  5. conclusion



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