Another sex trafficking poster using the barcodes as sky scrapers


This is a further development from my other barcode poster. This poster is based around the same message about the people being sex trafficked being labelled as products but this time showing it in sky scrapers, my reason for this is that children/women are being taken from poor countries and transported to the richer countries this is my reason for the skyscrapers.



I decided to change some parts around a little, I made sure that the text was all aligned to one another to make it look neater & also added  to my child effect with the typography I decided to make some of the letters the wrong way round as this is what children do when they write things I feel this has added more to the child like feel than it did before.

my intentions towards this poster where to create a very bold strong message by keeping it simple and quite plain. I wanted to add a child like effect to the poster as my poster is aimed on child sex trafficking so I made it look as if a child had wrote over the poster. I think it adds to the whole effect making the poster campaign even stronger.

I think this is one of my stronger designs and I have achieved what I wanted to achieve with this poster as I think it send out the message very clearly.

human rights – child sex trafficking – article 4


I wanted to create a series of posters with the same typography and colours but with different ways of showing sex trafficking so that the poster would become very familiar to  people and they would recognise each design with the typography being the same. I have used two fonts, one a bold stood out font and the other a child like font as I wanted to bring a childish feel towards the poster as well.

SEX TRAFFICKING – article 4 human rights


This poster is another one of the series but this time I decided to use a stop sign but add my own touch to it by using the face of my sister inside who I have made look as if she has been beaten up, to add to the effects. the posters are showing very strong bold important messages so I’m trying to keep them minimal and very bold – straight to the point rather than have to be looked at in more depth.